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Alisha - posted on 11/22/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




So my 2 year old son has not made a whole lot of progress with speech therapy. He has been enrolled since August of this year and no words. He is only using the sign for more when its something he really likes for example bubbles. I know I have been concerned for awhile and his Dad thinks he will talk when he is ready. It really isn't the talking I worry the most about. He spins with objects by himself a lot. When h e gets excited his arms flap and he tip toes. Also ignores me when I say his name sometimes he looks but if I say Thomas go get me the ball he does not understand and runs the opposite way. I can't get him to follow any command. Today at speech they gave me a couple numbers to call to get a diagnosis b/c the family doctor doesnt necessarliy specialize or its just a second opionion. I am looking for support or other mothers that know more about developmental delays.


Christy - posted on 11/22/2011




There's a program in Texas called ECI (early childhood intervention), it's low cost or free and they come to your house to evaluate your kids a lot of the time. I am sure that other states have a program like this. Kids here age out of this program at age 3 and if further help is needed, it comes through the local school districts after the age of 3.

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If you are in the states you can call Birth to Three, it's a national program and they'll send two evaluaters right to your house to do an assessment. They ask you lots of questions and do a lot of interacting/playing with you child. After they do the initial evaluation they let you know if you qualify for services, even if you don't they send you a whole write up on things you can work on. We just had an evaluation on our 20 month old daughter for her expressive language delays. It really is worth the call because they'll help with diagnosing what could be wrong and getting the appropriate services started or offer some piece of mind for the time being, if you call your pediatrician they should have the number I can't find a national number for them.

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He may have to be assessed for autism. He is showing all the signs of it. It's not too early either. We have an autism support group if you are interested and you can ask more questions. If you are interested.


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Sharlene - posted on 11/22/2011




We have the same programs here in AUST, and they do work my 8 yr old attended intervention programs for Autstim and behavior programs LOL

Sharlene - posted on 11/22/2011




All children have ther goals ,some are quicker at things and some slow ,Hes only two yrs old.the therapist would know If there;s something wrong with your child.Just give him time and you will be shocked when he does finally talk ,but likr I said the therapiist will pick any devoplment delay .

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