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Kelsey - posted on 02/05/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have juvenile diabetes and have really good numbers so far. The past week I have been having extreme highs (Above 200). I am even getting up at 2am to take my blood sugar. It seems to happen only in the Am, after I have been sleeping so it's not anything I am eating. Does anyone have some advice? I am 21 weeks along and I know this can really start to effect my baby so I want to do everything I can to prevent these numbers from staying high. Thanks in advvance! :)


Christy - posted on 02/05/2011




I am also Type 1 diabetic. You will notice your blood sugars go waaaay up in the third trimester, starting in the 2nd. I am on an insulin pump so I set it to give me a higher rate of insulin. If you take shots, you will have to give more insulin. Put it this way, in the third trimester, I was giving 3 times what I usually give insulinwise. Talk to your DR and if you can, get a reproductive endocrinologist. Write all your BSes down for your DR to keep a close eye on it.

Your BS will naturally go up after you go to bed (your body releases a growth hormone when you are asleep that causes a rise in BS). If you are pregnant it becomes more pronounced. Once you get up in the morning your BS will be high. It's called the "dawn phenomenon."

Also 200 is too high, esp if it's sustained (going on awhile) The ideal is 80-100 all the time. Hard, I know. But a good goal to shoot for.

Message me anytime, BTW. I have lots of good info for you that's too much to post here.


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Dora - posted on 02/05/2011




I had a bad case of gestational diabetes when I became pregnant. I had to meet with a doctor who specializes in diabetes as I was against going on insulin or taking medication. I was placed on an extremely strict diet and had to follow it to a T or my sugars would be out of control as well as my keytone levels. One thing that help with my sugars over night was that I had to eat 1 tablespoon of organic peanut butter that had absolutely nothing in it no sugar, salt, etc.......I was only allowed to wash that down with water. I had to follow this night routine every single night and it had to be 1-2hrs before going to bed. One really important thing that I learned as to why I had to control my diabetes was not because the doctors were worried about the size of my baby but his little kidneys. I never knew that a mom with diabetes could potentially damage her baby's kidneys if she didn't control her diabetes. That is something else that scared me into following the diabetes diet 100%.

Jennifer - posted on 02/05/2011




I only had gestational diabetes, but am the child of a juvenile diabetic. When my mom had found out about my gestational diabetes, she had recommended that I see a ob/gyn that specialized in diabetes, because of the difficulties she had with her pregnancies. With my older brother, she was told that 200 during pregnancy was fine, and not to worry about it, so she didn't. The result was that my brother was born premature do to placenta breaking down, and he was large, but the problem was that his lungs weren't developed, so he spent much of his first months in the NICU. With me, she saw an ob/gyn that specialized in diabetes, and they were able to keep everything completely under control and I was born with an apgar score of 10 (that is the highest score possible). I know they are probably more expensive, but definately worth it. The hormone changes in pregnancy really affect blood sugar levels (and constantly change), and most diabetics need to constantly change their insulin due to these hormones, and reg. ob/gys tend to not understand this.

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