Diagnosed with PCOS and trying for a baby?

Kayleigh - posted on 09/27/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS due to bleeding for 5+ months, I have been to the doctors and they sent me for an ultra sound, and said I have tiny cysts on my ovaries.

Went back to the doctors and said that all my hormones were normal except for one that changes all the time so it wasn't serious she said. I am trying for a baby and all she reccomended was the pill and said she wouldn't give me anything else because I'm not overweight and my hormones are normal. She said she could try Clomid but that won't stop the bleeding so what do I do?!

She's referred me to a fertility clinic but said they won't be able to do much for me.

I'm really worried I won't be able to have children as a lot of other people don't usually get their period and are trying to make it come again with metformin but I haven't seen any to do with my circumstances??? Please help :(


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Sarah - posted on 09/27/2016




I would agree with Jodi. Get another opinion from someone that specializes in fertility. Another option or thing to think about are embryo adoptions if you are able to carry a pregnancy. Or infant/newborn adoption if carrying a pregnancy is not possible. I know both are not what you had planned, but both can be great options.

Michelle - posted on 09/27/2016




I would go to the specialist, you shouldn't be bleeding constantly. There has to be something else going on. You have a right to go to another doctor as well to get a 2nd opinion. Doctors are only human and what 1 misses the next one may pick up.

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