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My son is 22 months old & for about 3 montgashes had constant diahorrea. I've taken him to the doctors many times, his stool samples are normal & we are awaiting a referral for a blood test to see if he is intolerant to milk. He was breast fed, then formula, then cows milk bit we've cut milk out now apart from at bedtime. He's a fussy eater at the best of times. I just don't know what the problem could be. He's happy in himself but not sure if a permanent diahorrea looking Nappies are normal. Any ideas? Or similar experiences?


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3 montgashes = 3 months?

I've noticed that my son has runnier poops than he used to, too. At around 9 months they started looking like adult stools, but these days (he's 23 months) they're much softer. I haven't been concerned because he seems happy and healthy, and goes once a day, just regular as can be.

Is your son feeling sick to his stomach or making a dirty diaper many times a day? That would concern me, too. Maybe he has a sensitivity to gluten, if it's not a milk allergy.

Or maybe it's something he just started eating too much of? I know if my son has too many raisins, pears, or watermelon things go badly for us. And he would gladly eat only fruit all day, so we really have to watch and make sure he has somewhat of a balanced diet.

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