Did a stupid thing today, live in small town left 5 yr old sleeping in my car with alarm on. Only ran in for about 15 min was in check out and heard alarm and ran outside to find my son crying franticly. Got him out and took him into store...felt like a horrible mother. Son was so tired I just felt he would have been ok asleep in the car. Anyone ever done this?

Jamie - posted on 02/12/2012 ( 15 moms have responded )




Anyone ever leave a sleeping 5yr old in a car with alarm on while in store?


Sherri - posted on 02/13/2012




No never!!! To leave them for 2mins in a convenient store is one thing. But to leave them to go shopping where you can't even see them, sorry but that is mind blowing to me. You are so fortunate someone didn't call the police and you lose your son to CPS.

I will not console you either that was plain and simple a really stupid move.

Tammy - posted on 02/17/2012




I do have a wonderful support system; but I am also a support system for other moms. I have been at my door at 3am when my neighbor needed someone to take her baby so she could calm down. The baby had been cyring for days for 4-5hrs at a stretch with Colic.

I have also been the one that calls my dad and has him come pick up my boys when I can't handle them fighting each other and back talking me anymore.

I totally agree that as mothers; especially when our kids are young we need a HUGE support system. But from a mom that has dealt with a lot of issues in my life I really don't want to take the chance of losing my kids. They are the reason my life is hectic the way it is and I don't want it any other way.

The next time you need to run into a store while your baby is sleeping in the car. Ask yourself if the milk is really worth it. If you baby is taken away are you going to feel good about drinking that milk?

Dawn - posted on 02/17/2012




okay, here it is. YES, i've done it. i'm also a member of the bad moms club. which can also be called the 'sleep-deprived mother who never gets a chance to get any errands done because their baby is always awake and needs their attention' club.

my baby was asleep (finally) in her car seat, and i had very little time to get shopping and things done before my pre-shcooler was ready to be picked up from nursery school. i had to run into staples to exchange something. the weather was mild. i parked right by the door, locked my baby in the car, and was in the store for all of five minutes with the car in my sight. i saw a woman walk up to my car, look around, and come into the store screaming that "some crazy person has locked a baby all alone out there in their car!!! call the police!!! that's against the law!!!". i looked at her with horror and told her it was my baby and to calm the hell down! everyone was staring at me like i was dirt. i left the store and went to my car, with this woman following me and screaming at me the whole time. i got in my car and just sat there sobbing as she kept ranting. honestly, it took all my strength not to run her over. i was expecting the police and CPS to show up at my door for weeks. oh, and by the way, my baby was asleep the entire time. was it a mistake? yeah, it was. you are NOT in your right head all the time when you are a mother of little ones. there is so much pressure to juggle everything all the time and make it work. so go ahead, lay into me, all you moms who obviously have better coping skills, resources and time on your hands... can't we all just support each other instead of judge?


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/17/2012




Listen, there is no way to support a mother who leaves their child in the car unattended like that. Sorry, nope.

Nikki - posted on 02/17/2012




Yeah no.. I live in a small town, and I do run into the store to buy milk (while I can see the car the entire time) but 15 minutes is way too long regardless of how tired they are.

Crystal - posted on 02/17/2012




You should never leave your kid alone in the car. Anything could happen! Plus I'm pretty sure its against the law.

Amy - posted on 02/16/2012




I have a 9 year old and i get nervouse leaving him in the car still just to even run in a store. Even he says il stay here im likenope your commin with me. As for younger childreni wouldnt even leave them alone for a min bc things happen in seconds and you would think you see this on the news everyday. I dontthink the moms here are trying to be mean but in reality it was most certainaly a stupid move and the way your feeling is exactly how you should be. On a good note i hope you would never take the chances of doing it again because though it seems esier to leave them ini a car to run in a store and make it quicker if they got hurt or were kidnapped thats a feeling that you could never quickly get over, so think twice before making that kind of decision.

Tammy - posted on 02/16/2012




there is nothing that important to leave your child in the car unattended.

When my children were little I didn't have a debit/credit card and I would every month go and get gift cards for the gas stations that I frequented for my month supply of gas for my vehicles and then if I was alone with my kids and needed gas I could just use the gift card and pay at the pump.

My youngest was premature and could not be out in the bitter cold. My husband is an OTR driver and is gone Sat-Thur. I would plan my shopping trips for when he was home so that I didn';t have to take my son out in the cold. I would not even put him in his car seat and unload groceries becuase I would have to walk away from the car to put the cart in the corral.

This is totally unacceptable and you should feel like a bad mom. In that instance you were.

Tee - posted on 02/15/2012




I would never leave a child in the car alone for that long. It is rare that my young ones are left in a car alone now and they are 7 and 2. In fact it has only happened twice while they were on there way home and their dad had to run into the corner store. He could watch them from the store and they were on the phone with me via skype so I could watch as well and that was only for no more than 5 minutes.

Kel-Cie - posted on 02/15/2012




i'll join your bad mom club, they weren't crying when I got back, actually happily watching a DVD of Dora, but the line at the convenience store was 5 people long and I needed milk, so it took longer than I thought, I know I know anything could happen, and if it it did I would feel bad enough for it that I hope no one would preach to me about it

Bonnie - posted on 02/14/2012




15 minutes is a really long time. It may not seem that long to you, but a lot can happen within that time. Unless it's just for a minute or two where I can see my vehicle at all times, like paying for gas, I would never even think about it.

Proud - posted on 02/13/2012




Not a chance. I live in a really small town but still would never do this.

I don't want to be one of those moms you see on TV who child gets abducted and they say I only left them alone for a few minutes.

Lydia - posted on 02/13/2012




Here in Israel it's forbidden by law I think. I think it's not a good idea to leave your little kids in the car alone...

~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/13/2012




Nope. Would never leave my kid in a car alone for that long. Not a good idea. You are lucky the police were not called on you. I am sure you want someone to console you, but damn....that is a long time to leave a kid in any car alone. How scary for your son.

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