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about europe (i think its europe)wanting to make people who are going to be getting a dog take a test to see if there even able to care for that dog, when i heard that it struck a very big nerve first off its a dog, an ifeel that if there going to do that for an animal then they should do that for children because there are tons of people in this world who should not be allowed to have children im so confused on how they can justify that for an animal but anybody is allowed to have a child we have babies born daily to crack heads an to parents that are going to hurt there child yet this country is more worried about animals then children how do you feel about this?

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to lucy - due to those same things here in Ontario Canada it has been made illegal to own a pitbull :( so the dogs lost out here. too bad. completely agree /w you - 2 separate issues

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I think this is great! I don't know the stats on human adoption but billions of dogs are adopted each year and more than half of them will be returned or taken back b/c of cruelty :( I think this is a good start towards protecting our pets.

On the other side of your comment, I think that they should most definitely be doing this for children too. I thought there were strict laws and policies going through adopting, so I wouldn't worry about that. In regards to your comment about how crack heads and bad people have babies everyday.....ya that sucks but it's life. I know here in Canada that if a mother is suspected of doing drugs or anything they will test the baby once it's born and if the test shows any marijuana, cocaine, alcohol....etc...then that baby goes to child services. So I think there are some guidelines in place. I don't know. I think maybe if you're so passionate you should try to look into starting a petition, charity or something like that to raise some awareness....as I myself, am for the most par ignorant :)

Lucy - posted on 03/12/2010




Not that I'm particularly in support of the move, but as I live in the UK I thought I would clarify it and the reasons why these measures are being discussed in parliament.

For some reason, among certain social groups in the UK it has become very fashionable to own what are being called "status dogs". These dogs are some of those originally bred for fighting/defending property etc, like staffordshire bull terriers and bull dogs. I love these breeds, and many people who own them are responsible owners, but it is a growing trend among some to deliberately train these dogs to be vicious in order to intimidate others. Unless you have lived in a city in the UK, you cannot know what a big problem this has become.

As a result of this trend, two main things are happening,
1. dog attacks on humans (especially children) have risen by about 50% in a decade.
2. Many of these dogs are abandoned by the irresponsible owners and have to be destroyed as they cannot be easily retrained to behave safely.

So the main thinking behind these measures is to protect the public, rather than than the animals themselves.

Nothing is written in stone at the moment, but included in the proposed measures are enforced chipping of all dogs, the banning of certain breeds from being bred further or imported, and owners being legally obliged to take out third party insurance against their dog attacking someone.

Whilst I have some sympathy with what you say about irresponsible parents, this is actually a very separate issue, as the reasons for the proposed measures in regards to dog owners are specific to a particular cultural problem that has arisen here in the UK.

Stephanie - posted on 03/12/2010




i definitely agree that something should be done to people to see if they are suitable to care for a child. its very sad how many kids are out there with abusive parents and who barely have food and clothing and wat not. but im an animal lover and animals dont need to suffer either, animals are always getting abused too and its so heart breaking

Theresa - posted on 03/12/2010




I feel the same way when I see the ASPCA ads. "x number of animals are abused every day" as they show a cute little puppy or kitten. Then they ask for money to help. I feel bad for the animals and I don't like animal abuse. But I do fostercare and there are x number af children abused and neglected each day too. Why don't we put those little faces on TV and ask for money to help them. They are far more important than animals!

Heather - posted on 03/12/2010




I agree and respectfully disagree at the same time. Yes that is dumb that they can monitor animals like that and make sure they are taken care of, but doctors have to send babies home with mommy's who look like they did a line right before they went into labor. But at the same time, I have known people that had been in and out of jail, addicted to every drug under the moon, and just didn't care for anyone but thmselves until they had a baby. Some people do change when they have children, but yes, a lot stay the same and they do not deserve children.

The government can't do anything like that for people because reproducing is a natural born right and a free government can't take that free will away. They SHOULD be able to, but they can't. That is horrible that animals' rights are more important than a child's in some places.

Keisha - posted on 03/12/2010




Wow! This is completely shocking to me... I definitely agree with you, I cannot understand why they would be more protective about dogs than babies though I feel that that test should be there for BOTH and not just in Europe either. I live in Canada and know alot of people who have dogs & babies and they would definitely fail the test for either.

Stevie - posted on 03/12/2010




wow that is kinda crazy but then again i have a place in my heart for animals as well so its a good thing but you are totally right in the child thing it is extreamly crazy how some kids are born into lives but god does have a plan for them and one day it will show stronger than ever its a horrible thing to have a beautiful child born into an abusive family but god needs that child one day and its a horrible and sad thing and yes i do agree with you on that if anything have a test for childrent you kknow but a test isnt going to able to stop anyone from having sex and getting pregnant unexpectedly its easier to say you go and you are looking for a dog at a shelter or something and all that but they do that with human adoptions just as much so its really not just for dogs i mean they dont just give a child away to anyone states and country take kids away from ppl but yes sometimes things either dont get done or reported or something and that is just horrible but adoptive parents have to go threw alot and its alot like tests and money to add also but i totally understand where you are coming from

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