Did I Overreact With My 17 yr old Son?

Nina - posted on 01/02/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 17 year old son is shy and has liked this girl that he's been friends with for over a year. He was too shy to ask her to the winter dance and she wound up going with another boy. They had spoken about going to prom together. I've been asking him when is he going to ask her to prom and why doesn't he ask her out. Apparently, about a month ago they spoke about it and she stated that she wouldn't want to go out with him because it could ruin their friendship. I was pissed..I feel like she flirts with him too much and is leading him on. Now he tells me that they might not go to prom together because she hung out with some other boy and she told him that if he asks her out (the other boy), then she will be going to the prom with him, but if not, she wants to go with my son. WTF!!!! I lost it and was telling him that he's waiting too long and that now she wants him to be on standby for him. I guess she wants to be certain that she definitely has a date and someone to pay for her prom ticket. Why should he be second fiddle. My son got upset and went into his room...was I out of place? He said he is most likely not going to prom....all b/c of this girl who led him on. Any advice would be appreciated.


Jodi - posted on 01/02/2014




Back off. Seriously, you need to stay out of it. Sure, mention things to him casually, such as, you should ask that girl out. But to flip out and lose it? You seriously need to take yourself OUT of your son's love life. He needs to work through this for himself. It really is none of your business.


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