Did you ever teach your daughters to pee alfresco?

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We are going on a camping holiday in a few weeks time and as us ladies know if there is not a bathroom around it is a little difficult for us to have a wee outside.lol I remember my mum taking me and my sister into the woods during a trip and showing us the squat technique. I was thinking of maybe doing the same when we both needed to go id take her away for a mum daughter min. Most of the campsites we go to obviously have toilets but theres always that time out hiking or a long car journey were there may not be them facilities. What do you think?


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My husband and I used to camp all the TIME! I miss it terribly! :(
We always camped on an island in the middle of Lake Murray South Carolina. There are no toilets. Only trees.
I took a five gallon bucket, had my husband use his "sawzall" to cut the bottom off of the bucket. A toddler's toilet ring fits on a five gallon bucket snugly. You know the ones I mean...Wal-mart sells them, ten bucks...it's a padded toilet seat ring that snaps inside the grownup toilet seat...so the kid doesn't fall in and wet his butt.
That gave us a 'real' toilet with a seat...the bucket keeps you off of the ground. My husband always took a shovel and dug a small hole under the bucket. Like a cat, if I left anything under the bucket..I would pick up the shovel, cover it up and move my bucket rig over two feet.
We also had a little solar powered light that would get stabbed into the ground near the bucket..this made it easy to find during the night.
As far as teaching them how to 'squat'....SURE! They WILL need that later in life, I'm SURE! Be sure and tell them the ever important detail of peeing DOWNHILL! Don't want anything to run down on their shoes!


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I have always held my daughters in a sitting position, hovering over the ground. Far less mess on them and I can help direct where they pee by holding them further away from me (and my feet!). My six year old recently learned how to squat properly. Just be sure to carry toilet paper and plastic bag for used TP. Although, by holding them, you can help them drip dry pretty good :)

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We went on a outdoors adventure for father's day and my daughter had to pee, so I taught her how to squat. She is 2 1/2 and she did great! I explained we only do it outside when there is no toilet around, and I have to help her. I think it is great for them to know, just in case.

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Depending on age my daughters 6 and i have a 3 yr and we just went camping and had this issue I tried teaching my oldest the squat technique and she felt too uncomfortable so I had her use her sisters potty chair doesnt work for every time u dont have a toilet but it works for car trips and being at the camp site

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Both my girls learned shortly after they were potty trained. There have been many times when we are driving and are not where close to a bathroom and have to pull off on the side of a country road. The first time my youngest did it was when we went to visit my grandparents and they weren't home so we didn't have access to a potty. There is nothing wrong with it, just make sure you know what poison ivy looks like if you are out in the woods!

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Yes, my 2 year old knows how to do this. She saw her older boy cousin use the bathroom outside and decided to try. Big mess. So I taught her how to squat. It comes in handy when we are driving in the middle of nowhere and she suddenly has to pee. Or when she's too lazy to go inside.

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My daughter is 5, and learned this 2 years ago. Even if you aren't necessarily caming, it's a good thing to know how to do. We do a lot of fishing and hiking in the woods to look for mushrooms or black berries, and a potty isn't always available.

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I would. Just make sure there isn't a toilet within eyesight, that might cause some confusion lol (I'm not sure how old your daughter is)

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