Did you know car seats expire?


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Yes, they usually expire 5-7 yrs. Depends on the brand. Most now a days, only have a manufacture date. You can go on your seats website (or call their help line) and it will or should tell you how long they are good for. They only last so long, because the plastic starts to wear down and would not hold up in a collision (high/low temps wear down the plastic, and age). When it is time to throw it out, you should destroy it. Either smash the seat with a sledge hammer, cut the straps, do whatever you can to prevent someone from finding it and using it. Sounds harsh, but people will use it if they can.

Karen - posted on 03/10/2010




i found this at rotarysafetyvillage.com which is the site my local police dept told me to use for dates - note that it says at the bottom not to use a seat older then 10 years...i was told that if your seat only had a manufacture date (like mine) and no expirey date you can use it to the 10 year mark unless you can find out what the recommended expriey of your brand of seat is.



Child car seats have an expiry date; below you will find manufacturer's name, telephone number and/or website regarding expiry dates. Feel free to download the detail list of the child car seat manufacturers / distributors contact information.

Britax, states 6 years

Cosco/Eddie Bauer/Safety 1st, states 5-7 years

Evenflo, states 6 years

Fisher Price, states 8 years

Graco/Century, states 6 years

Peg Perego, states 5 years

No child car seat 10 years or older should be used. To dispose of your child car seat please contact the Children's Safety Village at (519) 945-5500 (519) 945-5500 . If the child car seat is in the vehicle when it is in an accident, no matter how minor it is, you need to replace it. Your insurance company will pay for the replacement of your child car seat. Below are some sites that will explain why you need to replace the child car seat after a crash.


http://www.800bucklup.org/parent/replaci... CSS after crash002.html

Katherine - posted on 03/10/2010




Ok, so it's different in different places. I keep forgetting that. It's a recommendation by the APA.

Peita - posted on 03/10/2010




In Australia, it is usually 10yrs expirey date on infant seats and plastic cushion booster seats and I don't think there are dates on foam booster seats! This may well change when our new seats come out in October! Renee has a good point, we aren't allowed to put children in boosters until they are 4 or too tall for the seats, so what is the point of convertable seats if they don't last?? Mother's Choice and Safe and Sound used to, not sure if they still do, have seats that last 10yrs!

Renee - posted on 03/09/2010




So what is the point of the 3 in 1 car seats that go from rear facing to front facing and then to a booster if they aren't any good after 4 or 5 years? Kids are in a booster until about 7 or 8.

Katherine - posted on 03/09/2010




Yes, absolutely no longer than 5 years, because as Shannon said, they change the standards.

Kate CP - posted on 03/09/2010




Karen, I have never heard of a car seat lasting 10 years. The LONGEST I have ever seen is 4 years from date of purchase. The expiration date is on every care seat now so it's best to just check the seat.

Karen - posted on 03/09/2010




it actually depends on the brand of car seat - they say the average is 10 years but you can google your brand of car seat to find out...each company has a different expiration (mine is 6 years but my niece's is 8 years)

Andrea - posted on 03/09/2010




Yes, my husband is a police officer and they have car seat inspection days where parents can come and make sure their seat is installed properly and within safety standards. It's relatively new for them to have expiration dates printed on the seats, but he's always said 2-3 years is the life of a car seat. Also a lot of people don't know this but if you are in any type of accident, even a small fender bender, your seat should be replaced. Most insurance companies will pay for a new seat if this happens.

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yes... its actually written on the side of most car seats. its because safety standards change, and go out of date a lot quicker than you'd expect.

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