Did your baby gain more weight when you started weaning?

Rai - posted on 03/29/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My LG is small. I was told from 5 months to start giving her solids to make her gain more weight. I held off until 6 months. We have been weaning for over a week now and so far she's doing well. W re doing baby led weaning. My health visitor wants me to give pureed food as I will get more in her! I want to do blw though, so am going with that. She is on the 9th percentile for weigh but was born in the upper 75th percentile. This is the issue for them, the amount of percentiles she has dropped. She is fine, she is happy, hitting milestones, plenty of wet and dirty nappies. I am thrilled with how she is doing, she isn't weak or gaunt looking. She is just little.

I just wanted to know if actually giving food did help you baby's weight gain? She eats herself but I will help out with yoghurt and sometimes porridge so I know she eats a reasonable amount then.

Thank you.


Sarah - posted on 03/29/2015




Your baby should be getting all of her necessary calories from breastmilk or formula until age one. Introduction of solids if for practice and learning. I had similar issues with my kids weight and I just breastfed them on demand and then offered solids after they nursed. Trust your gut. The nutrients she is getting from you a far more beneficial then the ones in pureed baby food.

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