Differential Child Support?

Mandy - posted on 12/11/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ok, about three years ago my ex an I parted ways and we have 2 little girls. We were never married. I decided to take him to court for Child Support after fighting with him every month for help. When filing the courts told me he would need to pay almost $900 a month. I was flabbergasted! That of course included his half of daycare. We reached an agreement out side of court that we would do 50/50 split custody every other week. There are NO court papers anywhere specifying this. It is our own personal agreement. He covers his daycare costs and I cover mine. I carry them on my insurance. We live right down the street from each other.

That was 3 years ago. He is now making much more money than he did then. He is living with his girlfriend so they are a dual income family and I am still (by choice) living alone. It kills me to see they never struggle and I am living hand to mouth to take care of the girls and I am afraid their standard of living suffers when they are with me.

My current boyfriend also has 50/50 split custody of his son. He however was ordered to pay what is called "differential child support" since he makes more than his ex wife. Has anyone ever heard of this? I thought since I had them only 50% of the time there was no child support? Should I take him back to court? Morally I think its my issue and I need to take care of my own home but again it goes back to the girls and what they need. Thoughts?

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