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Corrinna - posted on 04/24/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




my fiancée and I have just recently had to move his children in with us and register them in school where we live because the biomom was evicted from her home and is homeless as well as being a drug addict(heroin). I have just recently learned to not deal with her because of the mental damage it does to me. Both my fiancée work hard and have learned to live a drama free life. I need to say that I have my own 20 yo daughter who is an amazing person. My question is this, the biomom has told my fiancée that she wants to have coffee with me and talk about parenting or something like that.. At this point she is blocked from any channel of contacting me due to the amount of drama and problems she causes. Is it wrong for me to tell my fiancée no that I don't feel I need to have contact with her? Both skids have cell phones and she contacts my fiancée an astronomical amount of times during the week. I should mention she has ruined her relationships with all relatives in her family.


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Jodi - posted on 04/24/2016




There's absolutely no reason you should need to meet with her. Your fiance, yes, but you are not the parent, so she has no need to talk to you about parenting.

Ev - posted on 04/24/2016




First, I have to say it is unusual that the bio mom would ask the fiancee to have a sit down chat about parenting the kids. Second, if you have not been in contact with her for the reason of the drama and other issues that arise when there is contact, then you should have your answer to that question. You really do not need to talk to her at all for any reason unless for some unusual circumstance you are a position that you have to such as an emergency for instance.

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