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Hey, im with a divorced bf. His divorced now 3yrs and the ex dont even allow my bf to support his two kids financially. According to the ex she doesnt want him part of the child's life because of me. I know she hates me because he cheated with me, but she also cheated (which is none of my business). I dont expect her to be nice and kind with me but she can atleast let my bf support his kids. We are getting married next year and his ex keep texting me and calling me names. My bf has a 3yr old girl and 8yr old son. His ex doesnt stay far from us and now my bf rather just sees his son at school. He asked his ex hw long this will continue and she said when you leave ur gf il let you see them by only under her supervision. My bf told her shes insane and he'd rather stay away and never see his kids but all this drama is affecting our relationship. I really want him to be a responsible father but this woman clearly has plans for him. And we talked abt this, we agreed on him not going to her place to see kids but its been 2yrs now ever since he spent some qaulity time with both his kids. Please help me, i tried to make peace with her and said im sorry but she keeps on saying im waisting my breath and time. She said she wants me to leave him then she will forgive me but i love my bf and his adorable kids too.


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I agree with Jodi, he needs to go to court and get visitation established. She has no right to stop him seeing his children and she sure as hell can't dictate the terms of what visitation he does get.
She seems to think that if he's not paying child support then he doesn't get to see his children but that's completely wrong. Child support and visitation are completely different issues. He needs to get child support set up through the courts as well.

Jodi - posted on 12/18/2015




Tell your boyfriend to get a lawyer and file for visitation and child support in court. She has no right to do this.


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Raye - posted on 12/18/2015




I agree with the other ladies.

Furthermore, I want to add that you should ignore any of her texts, name calling, etc. Your BF should keep any communication only about the child. You can present texts, e-mails, and voicemails in court as evidence that she is uncooperative and has been willfully keeping the child from the father after his repeated requests to see the child. If you or he has responded badly to her, then that might not look very good for you, either. But is still proof that she is keeping the child away from him and not trying to co-parent at all. The ex cannot dictate who the father has in his life or whether that person has contact with the child.

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