Difficulties helping my almost 3yo son to sleep

Ema - posted on 11/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I would appreciate any suggestion for my case:

My son will be 3yo in March.

We moved from a house to an apartment in another state in August and since then, it take 2 hour to get him to sleep. In the house he used to sleep in a crib, but he was starting to climb out putting himself in danger. We put pillows around the crib for 2 weeks just before we moved out.

We bought a junior bed and we put it in the apartment, so his first night in the apartment he “slept” in the new bed. Every night we follow a routine (dinner, some TV, bath, brush teeth, story time and bed). He complains when going to bed and refuse to stay there. My husband or I stay next to him to keep him in bed and rub his back when he asked until he gets asleep (around 2 hours later).

We have tried to leave, but as soon as we are out he get out and play in his room or outside. We have tried to put him back to bed or tell him to lie down several times, for weeks, but he takes this procedure as a game and sometimes he even laughs. We have tried to be silent and consistent in putting him back in bed, but nothing works.

I am due this month and I am afraid it will be very difficult having a new born and struggling so much with our son bed time.

During the day he is taking 1 hour nap, we start the routine between 7.30-8 pm and he usually gets asleep between 10 and 10.30.

If he sleeps more than 1 hour, it takes him until 11 or 12 to het asleep.



Amy - posted on 11/13/2012




I would try and eliminate the nap during the day, he may be a little cranky as he adjusts but it might save you the fight at night. My daughter naps at daycare but if she naps at home she will be up till 10 or later, she's 2 1/2. The reason the nap at daycare doesn't matter is because she is constantly doing something there so it tired her out where as at home we have downtime.

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