Dilemma - changing my sons last name to my maiden name. HELP

Samantha - posted on 11/19/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey fellow mums! I need some help please. Basically I have a son to my ex husband. His dad isn't actually his dad, well he thought he was but only about 4 years ago found out he isn't and that he is actually his step dad. His mum basically lied to him all these years and pretended like he was his dad, and even now that my ex knows, she still wont give him any information (very cruel, selfish lady I know) so he knows NOTHING about his real dad. Anyway this man who is his actual step father is an absolute dead beat and always has been, has treated my ex like crap all is life and they have a really bad relationship. I have never liked him. I don't know how my exs mum managed to changed my exs last name to the step fathers but she managed to, and now my son and I have that last name too. I think its so unfair as now my son is going to be carrying on that last name for generations and generations when he has none of that blood at all and my exs step dad is probably cheering. So what I am wondering is, do you think its ok for me to change my sons name to my maiden name for the above reasons? I'm changing my last name back of course but I feel bad that my son won't have the same last name as his dad even though his dad has done nothing wrong he is a great father to my son, HELP! I have already spoken to my ex about this and he isn't too happy but understands where I am coming from. I know this isn't common but I don't want my son to have that last name and be associated with that man in any way.


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If you live in the US, this is a legal process. You will need to petition the courts, publicize your petition, allow for rebuttal and arguments to be presented to the courts if anyone (including the child's father) disagrees.

You child's father has already said he's not happy with this proposal. It may be because he's got just as many rights to have the child carry HIS last name (regardless how he got the name, it's his) as you do to have the child carry yours.

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