dinner meals for 1 year old?


September - posted on 05/17/2012




When our son was 1 he was eating whatever it was that we were eating. Do you make a separate meal for your 1 year old? Some of the things I would make and still make that our son enjoys are baked chicken, pork tenderloin, beef roast, tofu, salmon and other seafood’s such as shrimp and crab, casseroles of all kinds, to name a few. I always make some sort of grain and fresh veggies with dinner meals as well. Then I usually offer fresh fruit for dessert. Explore all foods and enjoy! :)


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Yes, as September has stated. Your little one can now eat pretty much everything you eat. Some kid friendly meals include spaghetti bolognese (messy, but fun and tasty), Macaroni cheese with grated veges included, crumbed fish with dipping sauce and home cooked chips (fries), mild chilli (using ground beef and /or red beans) with grated cheese and sour cream with organic corn chips on the side (my kids love this). And then the family standards like roast dinners, steak and veges, stews, soups etc. It's great fun to introduce family foods to your baby, just remember to let him/her touch the food as well as taste it so that mealtime becomes fun for the child and not stressful.

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