Dirty diaper painting

Mary - posted on 02/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do we get my grandson of 25 months to stop taking his dirty diaper off? He is quiet in doing this, 'paints what he can with it' and does it in a split second! He's in early stages of being potty trained. If we make his potty available to him at all times then he plays with it like it is a toy. Any suggestions? HELP!


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Michelle - posted on 02/19/2012




We had the same problem and did the same thing with my daughter and unfortunately it is just something they need to outgrow, however we bought her finger paints and told her if she wanted to paint this was the only way it was going to happen and so far so good no more poop paintings.

Tam - posted on 02/19/2012




We had this problem with my son. What we ended up doing was putting him in something that zipped - he couldn't get his little hands to work the zipper. If he couldn't unzip, the diaper was safe from his 'creativity'. We would watch for signs that he was going to the bathroom, or needed to go, obviously. Normally he would do this sort of thing when we weren't looking, or when he was in his room by himself.

When he figured out how to work the zipper and was still interested in painting the walls, we started putting the cloths on backwards so he couldn't reach.

But I have to stress that if you do this, make sure you keep a really close eye because if he goes, and doesnt get changed, there are rashes and discomfort.

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