Ipebbles35 - posted on 05/13/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a 15 yr old son he very intelligent, we move from one county to the next. He started this school and less Than a year he has 4-5 suspension for foolishness stuff that he knw not to do. His disrespectful at times. There son boys at his school that his teachers told him not to hang around with and he still hangs around them. He never wants to admit that he did /do anything. he take no accountability for anything. I discipline him took his phone away, couldn't watch tv etc. We are also living with family members and there flou language, drinking, smoking involved. We his dad and I don't partake in this things we also have a 12yr old daughter he loves her but provokes her @time. There's more but it takes slot of time and space on here😃😃. He has never hit me or his dad. I guess it's a lack of discipline on both parents side. my husband and I work as well. What can I do I Am so frustrated and tired. Today he got suspended and didn't tell me. He also would get class work and don't do it, don't do home at time. Helpppp

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