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hi i am a recent single mother of 3 and find it hard to kids my kids to listen i have a 8 year old son soon to be 9 a 7 yr daughter soon to be 8 and a 3.5 yr old i have never been the one to discipline my kids verbally or by smacking that was my husbands job but now that he has gone bt still in der lifes how to i get the same respect they gave to him. i have been told i never follow thru with what i say bt i seriously need help i have been subscribed valium to try and help bt i need other means of help plsssss im desperate


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Your ex didn't have respect; he had fear. They were frightened of being hit and so, learned to avoide whatever he might punish them for. That is very different then respect and very different then knowing how to listen. Had he actually taught them to listen, they would do so.
Start over .... take a few parenting classes and learn how to interact with your kids in respect and love.
Yes, you need to follow through with what you say, so be careful what you say. If you say "no TV till after homework" follow through and get ready for a battle. If you are not going to hit them (the thing they have been taught to listen to) then it will take time to establish your word as the final word. They will push and they will test. If you give in, you have taught them your word means nothing.
I agree, you are outnumbered and need help, look into community resources and find the help. They are getting bigger and stronger, this will get worse and then really bad unless you and your kids figure out a way to communicate and interact with respect. Good luck

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Prescribed valium..just saying. As far as discipline you just have to find how you want to do it and actually follow through. If you threaten to take away tv time then you need to actually do that.

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