discipline for a 4 yr old

Linda - posted on 03/07/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi so my problem is this .... my 4 yr old son is very high strung he is going in may for his peds appointment to start the testing process for adhd, ocd, and autisim. the reason the drs are looking at these things is simply his actions .. he is NEVER still hes always fidgeting he is very intellegent in the manner that he can watch a movie once and know it but yet we have being living in the same place for a yr now and have asked him not to run inside at least 50 times a day everyday (we are in a third floor apartment and the landlord is under us) he has no care in the world for other ppls feelings he will hit his sister and instantly say sorry cause he thinks he wont get in trouble as long as he says it. time outs donot work for him taking things dont work ive tried everything including the occasional crack on the rear he sits there and laughs in my face i dont know how to deal with this and now all his behavior is being mimicked by his little sister. he will mimick her alot also ... he makes random noises he makes up his own words and expects us to know what they are and he wont stop spitting ... he always spits dont matter where he is outside inside he lets the spit go ... he will walk up to us and randomly headbut us un the back or press his face against our behinds i dont know whats going on with him


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He's being a 4 year old. You need to be patient, and consistent, and enforce consequences for behaviours that are undesirable.

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