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Kelsey - posted on 05/20/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter has always been strong willed and independent and we are learning how to work with that but over the last month or so she has become more and more sassy. She hits (at home and at daycare, pulls hair, takes toys away, screams when she doesn't get her way, etc). I always thought I would be a very strict mom and I really try to do that. I take toys away, give her time outs and have even given her a spanking (which was not something I wanted to do). I have been in child care my entire life and know it's different with your own kids but seriously, I am exhausted from this child! She is now screaming at night time (we never go in there, just let her) but she will stay up until 10pm (and her bedtime is at 8pm). I know kids push limits and need boundaries set but nothing we do seems to be working!
I know that we need to be consistent and we usually are (dad and I have split 6 months ago) but even after weeks of doing something, she is still being sassy.
I am not asking for a quick fix but most of the discipline techniques seem to be for 3/4 and up. Any suggestions or ideas? I know every child is different but I am just looking for what worked for your child so I can try something different. I feel lost and don't want to have a monster child as I know it doesn't get easier as they get older! Thank you!! :)

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