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Hi Fellow Moms,

I'm a mother of 3 kids. Ages 8, 5 and 2. I need advice regarding an issue with my now 5 year old son. Recently my husband and I have been arguing alot and unfortunately it is in front of my kids. I try to tell my husband to not start with me in front of them but he doesn't listen. I'm with my kids everyday since im a stay at home mom, and go to college classes at night. Well my 5 yr old son has recently been making threats to me that if I don't do what he wants, (either buying a toy or going somewhere he wants) he threatens me that he will tell "daddy" on me. I'm in complete shock and feel horrible that the consequences of my husband and my arguing is showing. How do I handle this problem, and keep in mind, i can only change my behaviour, not my husbands. I feel truly sick about this, but I am in no position financially to leave. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Michelle - posted on 06/05/2015




You need to reinforce with your child that you are still the parent and that he can't threaten you. You tell him that you are his Mother and he has to do as you say or you will take things away. You need to stand your ground because if he thinks the threat of telling Dad works on you then he will continue. Let him know that it doesn't matter if he tells Dad.
When your husband starts an argument with you in front of the children walk away. Don't engage in the argument and tell him you will discuss it later.

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