Disillusioned with Hubby

Dee - posted on 12/14/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




This is a long post , but I don't know what is going on , the company my hubby works in took over a new company and there are now woman who he manages with the res t of his old team , and he is now so diffferent. He used to come home and complain about the ladies , so I said watch out , for any flirts , few weeks later he gets a new assistant , 22, and he is 39 , and one day I was using his phone because mine was dead , to send e mail to assistant telling her to print forms and give to his love , and she replied with another team member name .I asked him and he said it was a joke and I am jealous , but a few days prior to this , he spoke about the same lady, named in e mail , saying she stands up for herself in the factory , and he sounded so proud so I told him nicely that I don't feel comfortable with the proud way he spoke about her , he then just carried on talking about it , I shouted at him to go away , he was back few minutes saying same thing again , I ignored him and went to the lounge , after a few hours , he said I over reacted and started talkking about her non stop , I just gave up trying to get him to understand and then I see the e mail , he says I am childish , few weeks later and she met with an accident , so I asked was it her to get hurt , he said no , few days later I asked again and he said yes , he lied because I overeact about her , he told me he was off on his birthday , then goes to work , and when he got back I asked did she wish him , he said no, then his work calll report came and her number was the first number he calls everyday. Including his birthday , I confronted him , he said I am torturing him about this and I am just miserable and unhappy so I am blaming him for my problems , but I just want truth , few years back he has an emotional afffair with my friend , I caught him on Facebook chatting and flirting with other women , he had a Christmas party once and had a drink girl on his lap , I am continuosly supposed to get over it , he never says sorrry , and now he says he is lying because I am so torturous , I am an independent pretty lady 34 with 3 gorgeous children 11 years of marriage , good well paying job and I am studying to be a forensic financial auditor , but I have beeen driven to question why am I not good enough , pretty , or worthy of him being proud of me , sex has become terrible, he can only do it , if my back is towards him , no foreplay , hurts me there anf if he has to look at me , he loses his erection , I make sure I am clean and fresh for sex , yet he falls asleep before I getto bed ,goes to loo,then expects a BJ but for work he goes out of his way to be well groomed and fresh , if I complain , he says he loses his erectionbecause I always put him down , he earns way more than me but I have to handle finances ,issues with tenants , bills and he does nothing and says I have free access to his money so finances shouldn't be a reason for me to complain about having so much respisibilty , I am going insane starving myself to get more thin since that lady is thinner , and trying to see what am doing that makes him blame me , when he did wrong , I have never cheated or entertained the thought of it even though I am attractive , I don't understand his sudden cold behavior , Iif I say how I feel , he justs says ok and carries on doing the same thing

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