Disney Movies and others which contain magic and spells material.

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To those who are called by HIS Name; (meaning Christians who believe The Bible and believe that Jesus is the son of God, and are seeking to live a life that reflects HIM); I read the post regarding the concern about Barbies and Disney Movies. Regarding Barbies; I have the same concerns, yet at the same time, in watching these movies with her I use the opportunity to explain to her the reality of the battles that go on in this world daily, against good and evil. I do limit her to watch too much of it, but in reality, I don't want her to be ignorant of the reality between both forces. I always make it clear to her (using bible reference and reading it to her), that The One Who IS in us, IS GREATER than he that is in the world. Make sure your children understand the reality of the matter, and pray with them. Allow them to make their choices, but always explain to them that there are consequences for every decision we make, especially when we know the truth. We should not allow evil in our homes, means that we should not embrace it and accept it. Evil is everywhere, but we are to conduct ourselves as Children of God. I do not allow her to play in a way to pretend that she is doing magic nor spells, but I focus on the good message the movies have:)


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I understand. Homeschooling is a lot of financial sacrifice. My husband works and The Lord provides to cover our basic needs. it's worth it. I know single moms who homeschool and that is because they have their family to support them with the children or have a Home Business.

Your'e right when you say homeschooling children get more, although a lot of people have a misconception about it. Some people think homeschool children are isolated from the world, but they are very involved in other activities and if you join a coop, you have the support of other homeschool parents.

Be blessed!

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Evelyn. Your post seems to be a personal response. However; I don't understand why you think I was expecting an answer from you or anyone. I was just voicing my opinion and am not interested in starting a back and forth discussion to prove a point. I don't have a point to prove because there is no need to and like I said I was just voicing my opinion based on a prior post I had read.
We are all entitled to raise our children as we find fit for them and us as a family..

God bless you and yours.

BTW: I homeschool :)

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