Disney World at 34-36 weeks pregnant?

Kendra - posted on 08/12/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My family and I have a tripped planned for Disney World at the end of September-beginning of October. At the time of making the trip we had no idea I would become pregnant and now we're expecting the baby to arrive October 31st. I personally feel that I'm able to make the trip okay but would like others input as well. It will be a 18 hour drive, that we plan on splitting between 3-4 days so it will be easier on me and our coming 2 year old daughter. We also have the option to fly if need be but I feel that scares me a little more than making the drive although it would be much shorter. My first born daughter was born 12 days earlier than her due date so I'm thinking/hoping a month away from my due date will be enough time for us to be able to enjoy Disney still. What is your opinion of being 18 hours from home at Disney World while 34-36 weeks pregnant? Any advice? Also would you drive or fly? I still have to discuss this with my doctor also but I'm really wanting to go!


Jodi - posted on 08/12/2016




As long as you have the all clear from your doctor, I don't see the issue. I travelled that distance when I was about 35 weeks, but I flew there rather than drove. Just make sure you have the all clear from your doctor and you have a plan should you go into labour early (i.e. know where the hospitals are).

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