Disobident 4 year old

Meredith - posted on 07/31/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My four year old is actually my step son. I've been in his life since before he turned two. He's been through a lot from seeing his two grandparents on his fathers side who were his primary care takers pass away unexpectedly to seeing his mother be arrested in front of him. He has a two younger brothers both on his father & I's side whom he seems to just adore. He is a brilliant little boy and he can be so extremely sweet. He's never been in daycare or preschool due to his mothers wishes. However, the past few months he has become extremely disobedient and very defiant. Continuous time outs and spankings and the loss of toys and privileges do absolutely nothing for him. We've talked to him, we've asked him why he acts the way he does, and all he says is that he's sorry. His mother, father and I always work hard together as a team but we do things differently. We've tried to co parent the best we can but she always has different ways to do things. She allows him to play for hours on his tablet & we allow no technology. She has also brought different people in and out of his life. We are at a loss at what to for for him. Please help!

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