Disrespectful 14 year old

Wangui - posted on 10/26/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have 2 step children & a bio daughter. Things have never been good between bio mom & us since she spends he time bad mouthing us to the kids & anyone who will listen to her. We had the kids for our weekend parenting time & they were to go back Sunday night. Their mother could not make it to pick them up which is her responsibility when they go back to pick them up. She calls my 14 year old step daughter (being that she never talks to us) & tells her to have her father drop them off at her house & if he had a problem with that he can call her boyfriend. We follow the court rules which state that whoeovers parenting time it is, is responsible to transport them to their house so he said no. My step daugther went into a rage & called her dad selfish & told him he only thinks of himself, this after we had spent the weekend having fun with the kids. What should I do to make sure she is not disrespecting her father like this?

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