Disrespectful 15 yr old girl

Sommar - posted on 07/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 15 yr old daughter is very disrespectful when she doesn't get her way to the point of raising her hands trying to physically fight me and screaming at me how she wishes I were dead and why wont I die already!!! I am trying to find a book she can read that explains what respect is and why we should have respect!! Can anyone give me some ideas or even ideas on how to handle this?? I've already taken all priviledges!! I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO I AM SOO FRUSTRATED


Ariana - posted on 07/18/2013




When it comes to physically threatening you the best thing to do is bring other people in. So get with a group of people you know, if you have family or friends have a meeting with them (away from her without her knowledge if possible). I would tell them you are having this problem, and in terms of the physical fighting it is highly inappropriate. You want them to help support you.

What you could do is tell your daughter if she ever tries to physically fight you, or physically threatens you, you will immediately leave to a safer room and phone one of these people, if one isn't available another will be. You will then wait until they come over. She can get away with acting this way because she is, I'm guessing but most likely, alone with you.

I would also enforce restrictions on her or take privileges but if you already have taken them away for other reasons that is a bit hard. Either way someone else would be there to keep her from continuing and honestly it would be embarrassing to see your aunt/uncle or family friend coming over to keep you from being violent.

Hope some of that helps!

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