Disrespectful 18 year old daughter

Rhonda - posted on 04/02/2016 ( 5 moms have responded )




18 year old daughter thinks it is okay to call mom crazy, stupid, etc when she does not want to listen to rules or wants to have her way. When angry, she walks around the house and pretends I don't exist as well as dismiss chores around the house, and does not alert family as to when she is out of the house. I suffer from panic attacks, and she does not really care. She comes in my room and sleeps in my bed and leaves it unmade. I sleep in my recliner as I am not able to sleep in my bed due to a back and stomach condition. Almost 2 years ago, she was in trouble with bringing a marijuana bowl to school and getting kicked out and sent to an alternative school for 3 + months. She met a boy there that had problems and told him that he was the only one she could talk to. It was found out that she had told him one sided tales about me. The alternative teachers also informed me that the boy had issues. Turns out my daughter had a relationship with him (very briefly) and it was not a good experience. She ended up having to go to court about the bowl and also for me taking her to court about leaving the home and going elsewhere at night. She ended up getting all of this thrown out of court, but she still continues to be a uncaring, self-centered individual who thinks I'm of me as the enemy. I forgot to mention that her father died over a year ago and I wished this would have brought the family closer, but no. She goes to school, and has a job now, but does not respect me and has told me to my face. We have had arguments and I have tried talking to her often about her behavior, but she will just tell me to leave her alone and quit talking to her. Can someone give me advice?


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Raye - posted on 04/04/2016




My advice is to spell out, in no uncertain terms, what the conditions are for her to continue living in your home. Then, if she keeps breaking those rules, give her 30 day notice to find a new place to live. Be ready to follow through on this.

Nikki - posted on 04/03/2016




Teenage daughter speaking: wow I'm really sorry you are going through this right now but hopefully it is just a phase but you should consider shutting her out for awhile and cutting her off and dont talk to her and basically ignore her and to show her she is nothing without family. For example: you should not allow her to get money from you, if you pay for her car or let her use yours take it away, make her pay for her own telephone bill, and even maybe make her pay for the roof that's over her head. Basically don't be her mother for a while and maybe she'll grAvite towards you once she realizes what she did. You gave birth to her you don't deserve this.

Another option is try proffesional help like a therapist and maybe together you can find out the root cause of her disrespectfulnesd and how y'all can over come it

Best wishes
-a daughter that's trying to do better

Briana - posted on 04/03/2016




It seems to me its time to teach this young lady some real discipline

Stephanie - posted on 04/02/2016




So sorry for your loss.
And I know it's hard the only thing I can think of is to give her an altemadem
Tell her you need to talk and have it written out as well.
You are 18year old and you are responsible for your action
Your living under my roof and I have rules you do your chores ext and you have bills you would have to help me out with and you will go to family counseling
Which will help for both of you
Like other have mention she is 18 year old I started working at 15 and I paid for clothes food cell phone and car yeah money would t last but it helped me with being responsible

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/02/2016




She's an adult. Why is this disrespecful little twit still living in your home???

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