Disrespectful 5 year old step daughter out of control

Mary-jo - posted on 06/13/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everyone I'm in need of some major help I'm in a current relationship with a guy with 4 girls (who I love to pieces ) for the past 3-4 weeks the 5 year old has gotten to be flat out nasty. I only work part time and where I work my girls can go with me so I have them when ever their mom's need some help and I have no problem but one day I had his 5 year old started to be meaner than normal and out of control yelling at me telling me I should not have a horse and that I should get rid of him because I'm not rich so I sit down to talk with her and try to figure out why she is freaking out on me but instead she goes on a nut when I asked her to sit and talk with me and hits me because of it and I need help because it's killing my relationship with her dad what can I do I'm doing all I can and I'm in need of major help


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/14/2015




She probably asked her mother for a horse, and got the rant that she repeated to you in reply. Make sure her father has them all in family counseling to help them adjust.

Duse1 - posted on 06/14/2015




This Child is going through Great Change, She will act out. My suggestion to you is this.. Talk to her father, tell him you are doing everything you can.. Seek counseling if need be, and even if you think perhaps someone else is putting ideas in her head concerning the money and being able to afford a horse and what not. Never and I repeat never attack that said person or try and bring them down, in her eyes.. This never works just take my word for it.. So always be the calm parent, but respect the fact that she has a mother and father already,, so sometimes just sit back and let it be..Next time she throws a fit like this, just politely ask her if she would rather not come with her sisters next time and you will find her a sitter.. I truly hope this works. NO one can know what is going through a young child like this minds. Only she can finally tell you, and you might have to search this even after she says something. I don't think her response is what she is truly feeling for one. Good Luck. This is not an easy road, but if done right a very rewarding one. HUGSS

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