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Jessica - posted on 10/04/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am currently having an issue with my 8 y\o step son who has no respect for anyone. He constantly talks to his dad and I like he is an adult aND throws temper tantrums that are out of control. Tells his dad that he hates him all the time. My fiance and I have a 4 y\o daughter aND another one on the way. I can't say anything because I am only supposed to be his friend and not a disciplinarian. The only problem is that I don't want my daughter picking these bad habits up and I don't want this kind of behavior going on around the new baby because it always causes tension in the house. Any ideas on how to cope or am I in a no win situation.


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Michelle - posted on 10/04/2015




The reason I hate multiple posts. I had written this in your other one but have since deleted that and will paste it here.

What does his Father do? Does his Father punish him for the behaviour?
Maybe you all need to sit down as a family and write up some house rules. Simple things like talking respectfully to each other but also write the consequence for not following the rules. It can be no technology for __ days or something else that he really likes. His Father needs to show that he won't put up with the attitude in your house or he will continue to do it.

Dove - posted on 10/04/2015




I want to agree w/ all of Jodi's questions plus add one of my own... has he always been this way or is this a new behavior?

If no one in his life is doing anything to curb the behaviors then nothing is likely to change and things are likely to just get worse as he gets older... especially as he enters puberty. If the people in his life ARE being pro-active and trying to curb the behaviors, but they are still continuing... it is quite possible that additional resources (like counseling) are needed.

Jodi - posted on 10/04/2015




What is your partner doing about this? Does he have consequences in place? How often is the child in your home? What triggers the tantrums?

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