Disrespectful stepson

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My 13yr old stepson's behavior is HORRIBLE. He doesn't listen, smarts off & raises his voice to me & his dad, has a sense of entitlement, & is mean to his liitle brother, too. I'm at home while his dad works, so I get to be the disciplinarian. I don't like the younger kids to see him get by with the way he acts, but it's a power struggle if I try to ground him from video games, internet etc.


OnlyBelieve - posted on 09/03/2015




Sorry that you are having challenges with your stepson. You seem to be a caring and wonderful stepmom and mom. Being a SAHM it must get really tough at times. Have you and your husband thought about counseling? There's counseling to help with blended families and to find out what's going on deep inside. Counseling will help you with how to cope with the challenges from all angles.It helps families to grow closer, gives the understanding of what's happening and assist with how the challenges can turn around.

Don't give up. Things can and will get better. You are placed in his life for a purpose and I am sure it's to help him with the love that you have inside of you.

I can recommend Focus On The Family for a family counselor referral. They will also counsel you for free. I highly recommend counselor for your first step. Here's the number 855-771-HELP.

I pray that all will go well for you, your stepson and family.

God bless,

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