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Myrna - posted on 11/05/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I just don't know what to do no more I have spoken to her explain things to her told her how hurtful it is but she just went buck wild crazy screaming at me talking to me any kind of way called me a liar


Dove - posted on 11/05/2015




Hormones are evil.... I don't know what the issue is other than her screaming at you and calling you a liar and it sounds like that was the additional issue... not the original one.

One thing I know that helps when my teens are being extra hormonal is to go chill in their room (they share a room... so usually someone is camped out in mine... which is also hard cuz then their little brother is 'banned' from his room... he shares w/ me...lol) and listen to music or read or draw.


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Sarah - posted on 11/05/2015




You aren't offering much information. Your tween is dealing with a lot of hormonal and physical changes right now and that contributes to the moodiness. I have 3 teenagers and one tween now. I often treat them like live hand grenades...approach slowly and carefully and beware of explosion. That said, you do not have to tolerate being yelled or screamed at by your child. As soon as she raises her voice, cut her off and warn her; she will lose her phone, computer, TV, social outing etc for speaking to you in such a tone. Tell her to go cool off and you will discuss things later.

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