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One fine afternoon when my daughter ,age 6yrs with bubbly behavior was in her school,i received a call from her year head complaining that she had broken the school rule by sketching on the school desk during her language lesson while the teacher was teaching.This whole episode was described to me as a disrespect for the teacher.She was asked to make a poster as a punishment,which she certainly did in a very apologetic manner because she realized her mistake and i supported her to do so.

Now my question with all the moms is:

Is it really a disrespect of the teacher?every kid has different capacity of concentration and the span of focusing ,may be my daughter was not able to concentrate at that time but that doesn't means that she is disrespecting her teacher………
I spoke to the teacher face to face but according to them ,not paying attention in the class is disrespect. I am sure every kid losses her /his concentration after a while……..that doesn't means they all are insulting their teachers
please write to me ur suggestions………


Jodi - posted on 02/04/2014




Yes, sorry, it is disrespect of the teacher. It is the teacher's classroom and she works hard to keep her classroom a clean environment for herself (as her workplace) and every other student in the room. Your daughter also needs to pay attention when receiving instructions for the lesson. There is a difference between disrespecting and insulting a teacher. Believe me, the teacher doesn't feel insulted.

Secondly, it was disrespecting her environment. Your daughter doesn't have the right to draw on the desk.

I don't agree with the punishment (depending on what the poster was about), I am not a believer in "punishing" students for the sake of having a punishment. Consequences, however, are definitely warranted, such as making up the learning you missed in other ways (such as the poster, if it was related to the lesson she missed her learning). Did your daughter also clean the desk?

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