Divorce not final but he is engaged

Janelle - posted on 08/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Trying to co-parent thru divorce and now he is engaged. Want to work with her because I know she will have more responsibility with my kids than he will but she has refused to meet or communicate with me. I just want what is best and most healthy for my children.


Ev - posted on 08/25/2013




Dear Janelle,

This comes from a mother that knows how this feels. My ex was not engaged as far as I know when we divorced but it was 14 months later when he married the first time after me. His second wife did not want to deal with me at all and did not. So I just bit the dust so to speak and dealt with it the best that I could. The second marriage after me was to the woman currently my kids' step mom. She did not want much to do with me but she sure tried to put in her 10 cents worth when it was my decision and his about what went on with our two kids. She even tried to tell us how to run visitation. Finally, one day as he and I were discussing a couple of things with our kids, she tried to tell me she could do homeschooling with my oldest. I told her no she was not and I did not want her to. She has no legal say in a lot of things and this was one of them. Needless to say after that, when he and I discussed things he would always ask her about things. I just let it slide. There was no telling what he told his No 2 and No 3 wives about me because what was said was enough to make them not want to deal with me at all if they could help it. I tried to be nice and communicate for the sake of the kids but to no avail. Things are better but still its hard sometimes if she wants to try to tell us how to do things.

My advice is since you have reached out and have been denied any communication on her part; deal only with dad on the matters where your kids are concerned.

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