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If you are a divorced parent; how often do you talk to the other parent, and what do you talk to them about? Do stick with the parenting planor try to workt things out your own way. Here's the issue, i am a divorced mom with one ( almost 10 years old) child with my ex. Mmy son has chosen to live with him( i get him in the summer months).We have 50/50 custody however, he lives in another state. I respect my son's choice to live with him; and I do not want to fight for custody since my son is happy . My ex is a decent father to my son. The problem is the communicaton. He rarely calls me to discuss things about our son or even tell me how he is doing. Since he lives in TN and I live in IL how can I enforce the parenting plan since we live different states?


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You have the right to call the school and request they send you report cards and updates (like if your son does something - good or bad). You would probaby have to send the school a copy of your parenting plan and possibly a notarized statement saying you are your son's mother (so they can know for sure without you having to go ther ein person).

Other than that, I would say to call your son yourself. He's old enough to tell you what's going on in his life and the road of communication runs both ways :)

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I would call your ex and talk to him about how you would like to hear more about your son's school and sport's activities. Maybe see if he would be willing to allow your son to have an instant messenger account where you and he could chat each night. If not, set up a time for a weekly phone call so the two of can chat. You can alternate who calls who each week. Good luck.

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Does your son fill you in on things?

Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. My kids only see their father a few times a year, but we don't talk at ALL unless it's surrounding details (like pick up/drop off times) of an upcoming visitation. He does call the kids on occasion though and that's how he gets all his information. Our situation is quite a bit different though since my ex doesn't ever WANT to talk to me.

What happens if YOU call your ex? I hope you can get something figured out!!

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