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Dan - posted on 12/04/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




Here are the bare bone facts: I am a divorced dad to two daughters (12 & 14). I consider myself the greatest dad out there and everything revolves around my daughters. I have always been there for them 100% and have had an awesome relationship with both of them.....until that fateful day back in August. We had a verbal disagreement and the whole thing got blown out of proportion with a lot of crying and screaming on their part and have rejected me ever since that day. They no longer sleep at my house, want to spend any time with me, talk with me, look at me.....ANYTHING. Yesterday, my whole family had to be at church for an event and when the part of the mass came up when you had to 'show the sign of peace' to one another, they turned the other way and would not even acknowledge I was even there. We have been to therapy sessions, but it doesn't seem to help at all and I really feel like I'm starting to go crazy just trying to think of my next steps. I have been missing so much of their lives these past few months and all I do is sit home and cry. Can someone please help me or give me some encouraging words to get through this?


Sarah - posted on 12/04/2017




If you have court ordered visitation then they don't get to decide if they spend time with you or not. However, no one can force them to communicate. You can hand down consequences for them refusing to answer and not treat you respectfully. That said, whatever happened must have been terrible for them to hang on this long so maybe some family therapy?

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