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i am indian from chenna ( tamil) married with an german . he lived with me in india for 18 years and we have a daughter aged about 13 years. .presently we came to germany to settel . 2010 . my husband was not a not working and was a lazy man . i was the one who took all the care and money suport to the family. but in germany all is quite complicated to work and earn. we live in government support. . now my husband and me are divorced and my daughter like to be with her father very rarely she vist me and only come to ask for money and things, . i am not able to check her or be with her, i am afraid that she will loose love for me and i fear that she woulf for get me. this make me much depresstion . i am staying near by 2 kilometer in a flat . i am always waiting for her but she never cares to meet me. so i decided to move from goslar to berlin in order to seek for a job. will she forget me or will she come to me one day


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Sarah - posted on 06/18/2013




I would keep in touch with her as much as you can and let her know how much she means to you. Use birthdays and holidays to send her cards and gifts and write to her by mail or email and let her know that you are always thinking of her. She may not reply but at least she won't be allowed to forget you and won't be able to say that you have forgotten her. I believe one day she will want to come and see you.

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