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I'm wondering if I should be concerned about this????

My daughter is 5 & for the last couple of weeks, at least every oher day or so she tells me that she feels dizzy when she wakes up. The other day when she woke up she was walking slow because she felt like she was going to (in her words) "fall down". Sometimes when she wakes up she says she's really hungry or thirsty, we give her some food or a drink and then she seems to be fine for the rest of the day. It is ONLY in the morning...not througout the day. My first thought was that OMG she has diabetes but then I thought if that were the case wouldn't she feel like this or similar to this all day long??? I don't know if maybe she just has a very good metabolism or if its something I should be concerned about. Her ears are not bothering her...I ask her every morning and I get the answer "no mom. just like yesterday, my ears don't hurt"...and she's 5!!! LOL..........I just don't know if I should rush to the doctor's office over it


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Jaime - posted on 03/26/2012




Thank you both for your responses...we do know that she is anemic. She was on vitamins with an iron supplement in for the first three years of her life but then she had blood work done & we were told she no longer needed it. We have called the doctor's office but they have not responded back as quickly as I would have liked them to, but we continue to call. My mother has diabetes & that was my first thought but I know how she is and my daughter doesn't have any of those symptoms. I will continue to call the doctor's office to get some answers

Thank you again :)


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Take your daughter to a doctor, this is not normal. It can be very serious or as simple as low blood sugar, or iron.

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If a child has diabetes, dizziness can occur due to hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels. If too few carbohydrates are eaten, a child's glucose level will be low. Dizziness will often begin suddenly when hypoglycemia occurs. This symptom often occurs in conjunction with confusion, hunger, lack of body strength and sweating, notes the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Heat Illness

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke both cause dizziness in kids, reports the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Other symptoms of heat illness are nausea, pale skin, low pulse and coma. Getting overheated, often during outside sports activities, is very dangerous for kids. It can cause death. Keeping kids hydrated during sports is an important safety precaution that will help prevent dizziness and heat injuries.

Inner Ear Infection

Labyrinthitis (a viral infection in the inner ear), is another cause for dizziness in children, reports the BBC. This infection will make a child experience problems with equilibrium and can cause problems with balance when walking.


Anemia is another serious cause of dizziness in children, reports the British Broadcasting Corporation. This disease occurs if the child does not consume enough iron-rich food such as red meat or kidney beans.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/144850...

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