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Does anyone know if a baby has Oral Thrush and was given a paternity test if the results can be wrong due to thrush??
My boyfriend and I went through a pretty rough timewhen i got pregnant and we did a DNA test and the results excluded him from being my son's father. However, my son looks just like my boyfriend and nothing like the "other guy" I am so ashamed and embarased to admitt this but i have to know! My son has soo many of my boyfriends characteristics, the first time i saw him i just KNEW he was my boyfriends, but the test says no. I am still not convinced that the test as accurate, we got it from the internet and it was one of the cheaper ones. My son did have thrush when the test was taken. I have heard that a baby with thrush cannot be tested until after he is treated? does anyone have any knowledge of this>? can a test come back false?


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Well, YEAH! Thrush is caused by an organism called candida, the same organism that causes vaginal yeast infections. A fungus is a living thing, and all living things have their own DNA. It's possible that your DNA paternity test was detecting the DNA of the oral yeast infection and not the baby's actual cheek cells.

And make sure you wash your hands really, really well - thrush can get passed to you in the form of a yeast infection, and then get passed right back to your baby...and back and forth and back and forth...it's a very hearty infection that is very difficult to get rid of once it takes hold.

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