do all 6month olds take 2 bottles at nite.

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this is my third child and never had anything like this before.wakes at 2am and 4.3oam looking for feeds.have been feeding him solids 3 times a day.


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I think it really depends on the baby, their size & if they are active bubs or not. Some seem to want more, others barely have anything. I know my little man prefers to have his afternoon/evening meals closer together, seems to help him settle better at night. He's now 14mths, and still prefers it that way.

His typical routine at 7mths (I don't have 6mths written in my book) was:
630am: 240ml bottle (about 8oz)
930am: 100g 'food' + 210ml bottle (approx 7oz)
1pm: 100g 'food' + 210m bottle (approz 7oz)
4pm: 240ml bottle (approx 8oz)
630pm: 50-100g 'food'
730-8pm: 240ml bottle (sometimes leave 40-80ml / (approx 8oz).
His 'food' was pureed fruit or vegies.
He was just over 71cms (approx 28inches) and 8.4kg (approx 18.5lb) and had started crawling 6.5mths.

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Every child is different. My girls slept 12 hour nights at 6 months (only for a month though) and my son was probably nursing 2-5 times a night at that same age.

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