Do I have to let my Daughter go for over night visits with her Dad?

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Me and my ex just split up and he is so immature and unstable and he tries to bring up having our newborn go stay the night at his apartment. He also has never changed a diaper or really even taken care of her. Also she breast feeds and will not drink formula. So am I obligated to let him watch her or would it be wrong if my mother who i trust watch her sorry if this is very long i just really need the advice thank you.


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Yeah, I agree with Dove. You didn't make it clear if your mother would be taking the child overnight, which (if that's the case) would completely negate your argument about your ex.

He's got the same rights to the baby as you do, my dear.

However, if you were indicating that you'd feel more comfortable if he were to have the baby while in the presence of your mother, that's a different request.

I suggest you get some court orders in place.

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Unless you have a court order saying you MUST give him overnights... it is absolutely not wrong to not allow overnights with a breastfeeding newborn.

If he will agree to supervised visits of a couple hours at a time.. that would be a good place to start. He does have a right to see her and develop a relationship with her, but there is nothing unreasonable about holding off on overnight visits for a breastfed infant. Some judges will not allow overnight visits for a breastfed baby... and others will, so I wish you luck on getting one that understands the breastfeeding bond and holds off on overnighters for at least a year.

Though I will add that if you will allow your mother to have her overnight... you won't be able to fight overnights with her father. I'm not sure if you were talking about leaving her with your mother overnight or just having your mother monitor short term visitations....


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Wana sign my Petition? I'm going to try to change visitation rights that no over nights with the noncustodial parent take place until the age of 3 or 4. I'm sorry if this gets some dads upset, but I'm fighting to protect my daughter. I have put a petition together for you to sign. Please do so by going to this site and sign it and share it PLEASE!!..I will have proof of how it effects our children. I need 2000 signatures! Thank you so much!!

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Certain states have different laws regarding visitation. In Virginia, if the father isn't on the birth certificate, he's legally a stranger to that child. He has one option and one option only, and that's to go to court, establish paternity, pay child support, and have a visitation schedule set up. I suggest contacting a lawyer though and find out more about your state laws.

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Well, unless you have been to court, you don't have to let him take her, but he does have the right to take her. If you do not let him have her for overnight visits, he can take you to court for court ordered visitation, then you would have to let him take her for visitation as the court order states, which will probably mean overnights.

I don't understand how the breastfeeding pertains to the overnight visits. You can pump and send milk, which I assume is what you would do if you allowed her to stay overnight with your mother.

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