Do I let my so and ex - boyfriend keep a relationship? My son only knows and calls him dad.

Aveya - posted on 08/22/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm devastated , angry, sad, and confused. We have dated on and off since my son was 3. Kindergarten came and my ex was There the first day of school then first grade came and he was there again the first day of school and throughout then second-grade came and he's been there throughout.. after first grade we decided to take our relationship further than that my son started calling him dad. I thought this was great since my sons never known his biological dad and I wanted so bad to have a family so we moved into a house together. It was crazy because it was a big step for me I had been able to take care of my son for the last seven years on my own. I may have had a hint of his fear of commitment he had mentioned not getting married. Which is not a big deal because not everybody gets married now days but I thought he was committing by moving in with me long story short he just stopped coming home if we got into an argument he used it as an excuse to stay out all night. Eventually he left. Now that my son starting school again he wants to come over and pick him up every day and do homework and take on the father role, but doesnt Take on the responsibility for the rent that he left me with for utilities the lease. I had to get a roommate because I have to provide a roof over my son's head . It's been horrible having to see him knowing that he's lying straight to my face. he says we need to change some things and he doesn't want any one elese but my friend sent me his profile that she saw of him on this dating site.. I just want to move on and have a family more kids. I can't afford it here, I want to move by my family and not live my life angry.. I don't want it to affect my son , but it is he thinks on trying to move him away from his dad...

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