Do I let them go?

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Okay Ladies, I need some advice.. My husband and I are separated (not divorced). He's asking for out daughters for the weekend however I'm afraid he may not bring them back seeings how there's no custody paperwork. He's saying I can either let him come pick the kids up and he'll bring them back sunday or he'll come to the door with an officer to get them. I don't personally want my children being involved with something involving the police. I dont know what to do. I dont trust him or his word saying he'll bring them back but I also don't have the money to go file for custody before he shows up. HELP?


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If he's threatening you there is no way I'd let the kids go with him without a court order. Call a lawyer now (through Brittany's suggestion). And FYI.... if there IS no court order stating custody and visitation.. the police won't get involved. Meaning they won't show up at your door and make you give them to him if he doesn't have a custody order and if he does take them for the weekend and decides not to bring them back and YOU don't have a custody order.... there is nothing you can do about it until court.

Until you can get to court let him know he is welcome to make arrangements with you to come and SEE them, but not without you (and preferably a male friend that you both trust... in case he tries to just take them or something) present.

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There are lawyers that work for the state and will work for you for either free or for a greatly reduced price. Check with your local DSHS office, they can give you the numbers you need. There should be a sheet there with all of the community service numbers on it.


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