Do i need to have an Obstetrician or can i just go through a GP/ Public hospital?

Shannon - posted on 01/29/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi everyone! I am only newly pregnant (yay!) and am just trying to figure out what to do now. Ive been told i need to book a Obstetrician, but my cover doesnt really cover this, and i dont think i can afford the $3000 cost. Can someone please tell me if you have to have an Obstetrician, or is it ok to just go and see a normal doctor? How does it all work? help! :)

I am only 5-6 weeks at the moment, so still have a few weeks before my first scan to decide... but i would love some advice.


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Sarah - posted on 01/30/2012




In my province (BC) you go through your GP or midwife your whole delivery (unless you have complications, then they send you to an OB). They referred me to an OB during my labour as the baby failed to descend after 2 hours of pushing (he ordered an epidural and then after an hour of rest and another 2 hours of pushing I was able to get him out). My GP was there the whole time. They work in conjunction. Basically you only see an OB if you absolutely need to.

Sara - posted on 01/30/2012




I think it also depends if a GP has delivery privileges at the hospital. A lot of hospitals are moving away from GP's delivering babies, although I know some that do.

Bonnie - posted on 01/30/2012




Like Kate said, it would be different depending on where you live. I live in Canada and where I am, I start out at my family physician/GP and then at around 24 weeks I am switched to an OB (they book it for me).

Kate CP - posted on 01/29/2012




Where do you live? Different standards for different countries and provinces.

Medic - posted on 01/29/2012




To my knowledge and experiance you have to have an Ob. If your health insurance does not cover it you may qualify for medicaid for your pregnancy. I had health insurance with both pregnancies but my health insurance wouldn't cover them so I had medicaid.

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