do i take back my childrens father after the 2nd time cheating

Amanda - posted on 07/02/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ave just found out my partner has cheated again! Last time i was 8months pregnant with my 2nd child. He works away and drinks alot at weekends, ave just not long started to trust him and he's cheated again. I don't know if i should take him back for my kids or not


Ev - posted on 07/02/2013




Do not ever stay with the partner, husband, or SO for the sake of the kids. That is wrong for you and them and not healthy. That is not a good enough reason anymore. Only stay with him if you can get some counseling or other help to work out your relationship. What does not help is he is away a lot and then spends the weekend drinking and may not realize who he is with and what he is doing because the alcohol has fried his brain. You need to make him realize what this is doing to you and the kids. Also I would not be having any relations with him until he is tested for STD's because he will pass them to you. He needs to find out from his last partners what they have been tested for if at all. It is a scary world out there to just be in a relationship with someone and not know what diseases and things they have been exposed to or may have. He is doing you and injustice if he keeps this up and you keep having relations with him. For you and your kids, do not have anymore relations until you are sure he is clean and you have worked out somthing in your relationship.

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