Do I tell my 7 yr old she has ADHD (inattentive)

Wendy - posted on 09/01/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




The night before school started our 7yr old expressed to us, (her words) "I'm only smart when I take my vitamins". We have not told her about adhd. We as a couple are at odds, I want to tell her my husband thinks she is to young. Any advise would help, we want to do the best we can for her future.


Tracie - posted on 09/01/2013




I would tell her! She knows she is different, you can tell her about her condition in 7 year old language. Make her apart of the plans for her on how to deal with it. Does your husband not think that someone at school will peg her ADHD and not say anything? If you lie to her, she will still know something is wrong. Then her 7 year old mind will go off the deep end imaging all the horrible things that are wrong with her. Making her apart of her education, she will be ready if anyone teases her or talks about it. She will be able to tell others why she has to do things maybe a little or a lot differently. She will gain such amazing confidence knowing what's wrong and how to handle it. You, your husband and she, need to be her team. Telling her later rather than sooner will make her wonder why you didn't tell her and is she that weak, or not smart enough. She will come up with her own horror story if she doesn't know the truth.

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