Do I tell my teen daughter that her boyfriend is not being honest with her?

Stella - posted on 03/05/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I recently found out that my daughter's BF has been flirting with other girls on Facebook. My daughter is not on FB because she says that she hears a lot of drama happens on there so she doesn't want to be part of it. He requested to be my friend a long time ago when they first started going out, I didn't accept but I can still see his FB. Anyway, do I tell my daughter that he is not being completely honest with her because of some of things that he writes on other girls' walls? Some of her friends from school have told her in the past that there is one particular girl that flirts with him all the time on there but my daughter doesn't say anything to him. This past weekend at a school event he completely ignored her and then didn't text her or talk to her all weekend but he certainly had time to write on other girls' walls. He is a really shy guy in person and doesn't say much to begin with but he certainly doesn't hold back behind the safety of the interent or phone. I don't want my daughter to look like a fool because a lot of his friends on FB are from school so people from school see these posts, I am sure. Do I show her or tell her? What do I say to her, if I do tell her? I don't want to be the "bad guy". Thanks


Kelina - posted on 03/05/2012




that depends is he a flirty kind of guy who talks this way to other girls even when he's with her? Likely she already knows. I hope she's got friends at school who would tell her if something abnormal is going on. How do you know he's not being honest with her? depending on how she feels about the guy, chances are you telling her would just alienate her. I know it did with my mom. It might be more beneficial for you to have a chat with her about getting to know him better. If she's young enough, the last thing she's going to want is her mom really getting to know her boyfriend.


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Amanda - posted on 03/05/2012




No you dont say a thing. First off theres a generational gap between you two. So what you considered flirting may just be him having swag now. Second if you want your teenage daughter to hate you, yeap go right ahead and tell her that the boy friend you clearly dont like (He requested to be my friend a long time ago when they first started going out but I didn't accept because I knew this was not going to last.) isnt being fateful to her.

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