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I'm in the market for a durable stroller that can grow with my baby. I need it to be agile on city streets and in stores, but also tough enough that I can jog with it or take it on an off-road hike. Any suggestions?


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I walk everyday all day, my kids and I are very active, I don't even own a car. There is no perfect stroller because we all have different needs. I personally have had eleven strollers in the quest for the perfect stroller, my latest one tops them all. It is from The Bay also sold at Zellers. Regular price 175 on sale often it is 120. It is called the Hope Stroller. It has three wheels and the front wheel turns.Its by a company called Mongoose which is a bicycle company, so you know the wheels are excellent. The shade actually keeps the sun out, unlike most strollers who's shades pop open at the slightest bump. It has a drink and storage tray for you, the cup holder even has a little whole for spillage, which you would be surprised what that little luxury will do for you. The babies tray also has a cup/bottle holder good for snacks too, when you tip the stroller to go up a curb.My last strollers bottle/ cup holder didn't fit my bottle! Most importantly for me it has a removable seat cover, you would be surprised how many don't. My son gets motion sickness alot, you can imagine not having a removable seat cover. The foot holder is wide too, for anyone with big babies like mine who is two and wearing size ten shoes! The brake is across the back of the stroller, important for anyone who loves flip flops, you never need to blindly search for a little brake and end up hurting your toe!The only problem I do have is the basket is very low, and I bring home groceries all the time so I added a bungee to help keep it strong. Big deal compared to all the other advantages.You would need a car seat in it for a new born because the seat is deep but, after a few months it will be fine. I'm very passionate about strollers as you can tell but, after eleven I'm sure i've become a bit of an expert. The best part about the stroller is it has the Breast Cancer logo on the side, so some of your hard earned money also goes to a very good cause, a little extra advertising for the cause can't hurt either. Good Luck!

Libby - posted on 07/08/2009




If you have a Babies R Us you can go there and try out all of their strollers. And even see how well the infant car seats fit on them and all of that. We are going to be buying a new stroller this time and are getting a jogging stroller with a swivel wheel. I liked having the option of trying them out in the store before I buy!

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Samantha - posted on 07/09/2009




The one i have is a graco. It is one with the carseat that attaches to it for when the baby is little and then can be used until they are bigger, i don't know the weight limit right off the top of my head. It has large wheels and manuevers very easily. It's a bit expensive, i think my mom paid like $220 for it, but it has been a great stroller, relativley light weight, lots of storage space underneath, cupholders for you and baby.

Melissa - posted on 07/09/2009




I have a Bob Revolution Stroller and LOVE IT!!! We are very active and wanted ONE stroller that we could use for everything. It is a jogging stroller that you can attach an infant car seat to so that you can use it from day one! It is lightweight, has a front swivel wheel that can lock as well. It has suspension for off-roading. Can easily fold up and the wheels come off for storage in small spaces. The tires are actual bike tires so very easy to inflate (if needed, although we have never had an issue). Has a big sun cover with a peek a boo to look at your little one. Lots and lots of more features, really I can't say enough. Just look it up on the net - Bobstollers.

If you need canadian retailers let me know.

It is a bit pricey (around 400) but has been worth every penny for us!

Good luck

Jocie - posted on 07/08/2009




The strollers at Babies R Us are great. The one that we have is a Combi stroller. It's great, it survies the stores and streets. We walk a lot around where we live since most things are close.

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I have a Mountain Buggy Urban which is brilliant. The front wheel swivels or you can lock it in place. And it's great for around shops and streets or running (Well so I hear, I can't say that I have run with it myself lol). The are a little on the pricey side but worth it. I got mine in New Zealand where they are made but you can get them in the US. Check the website:
Actually they're on sale here for $425:

Stina - posted on 07/07/2009




A jogging stroller with a swivelling front wheel that can be locked. Locking it makes it safer and more controllable when you are running. Unlocking it makes it easier to maneuver in stores. They are a little pricier with the swiveling wheel. I've made do with a double jogger with a stationary wheel but for short journeys, I make big brother walk, take an umbrella stroller for the toddler to ride in when she gets tired or awnry. The baby, I wear.

Heather - posted on 07/07/2009




Any jogging stroller will do.
U want to make sure the front wheel swivel u don't want it to be to wide or else it doesn't fit down the asile at some stores . I got mine at walmart i paid $1200 for it and i love it.

Keri - posted on 07/07/2009




I don't know that any one brand is any better than the others. I do however recommend a jogging stroller with a swiveling front wheel. Mine does not have one and I have to lit the back wheels off the ground to go around corners. It is not very convenient. Hence why it has been in storage for years.

Laura - posted on 07/07/2009




I really recomend one with big wheels. LIttle wheels catch on everything from roots to railroad tracks. I had the unfortunate trip of having the front wheels of a scroller get caught on tracks while out on a brisk walk with my young son (at the time) and fell completely over the top! OUCH. Thankfully, my son wasn't hurt but I went and got a big wheeled stroller that afternoon.
I did a little searching online and I think this will probably be the best bet for what you are looking for.

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