Do men that except and love kids that arent there exsist??

Alexandra - posted on 06/19/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




Met a guy I thought was a nice guy. Constantly reminded me that I was a "package deal". Not to mention he has two kids but didn't consider that baggage because he didn't even have either one of them in his life.... please comment your stories and helpful advise.


~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/19/2015




I gotta ask....if he isn't a father to his own kids.....why would he be a good father to yours? They aren't his, so he has less at stake.

There are indeed men that easily move into the role of being a step father. If you don't have a man that can do this for your children, and step into a father figure role or be interested in that position, love your children and care for is time to move on. No man comes before your children. You will find the right man. He just hasn't come along yet. Good luck love. Plenty of fish in the sea.


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MaryAnn - posted on 06/21/2015




They're out there. I dont know or remember when my step dad came into my life... i was 18 months.I dont know much about my parents early relationship ... just that he one day decided to come over for coffee and just never left.
So far as i am concerned, he has always been there to love me and support me so much that i dont think any man could compare- he's my dad.
realistically speaking... i also dont think he's the only one out there. The only real thing that makes him special is that he's mine.
You'll find yours.

Michelle - posted on 06/20/2015




My husband is a fantastic step father to my oldest 2 and he didn't have any children of his own. My boys love him to bits and he will do anything for him.
There are men out there that will take on your children and love just as much as a biological child.
There's obviously more to it why your BF doesn't see his children and I would want to know the full story before letting my children meet him and make connections.

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